reDeFining Private Credit

High Fixed Yield Structured Products
First Licensed On-chain Private Credit Fund
Upwards of 10% Fixed Yield & 30% Upside Participation on the Fund's Performance
Asset Origination Value: $500M+ 
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Diversified With Non-Correlated RWA

Complement multi-layered DeFi strategies with stable fixed returns backed by Real World Assets. Lock in high fixed yield while participating in the upside of the Fund's overall performance.

SME Private Credit

Credbull is democratizing access to the $2.0T+ private credit market with unrivaled performance over the past two decades on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis, while providing critical lending solutions to creditworthy Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

Drive TVL growth and enhance your clients' investment portfolio by integrating passive, high fixed yield DeFi solutions directly onto your native platform, allowing for diversification of their holdings. Lenders receive up to 10% fixed yield, while partners can share the performance upside with their community, fostering collective growth and shared rewards as the community expands.

Licensed, Institutional Grade Crypto

100% Transparency

Non-Custodial Wallet

API-First Connectivity

Enterprise Dashboard

Proudly Serving



Highly scalable DeFi-as-a-Service solution with API connectivity



Future-proof portfolio strategy with unique non-correlated DeFi yield


Projects &
DAO Treasury

Stable TVL growth without unmanaged risk exposure


Exchanges &

Universal access to the asset class previously unavailable to retail



Up to 10% fixed yield & self-custody of claim tokens on loaned USDC


Key milestones and upcoming developments as we chart the next phase of growth.
  • Licensed On-Chain Private Credit Fund
  • Mainnet Deployment (Polygon)
  • Credbull Pro DeFi-as-a-Service
  • inCredbull Earn Kickstart Community Engagement (Retail Token Play & Earn)
  • Litepaper
  • CEX/DEX listings
  • Retail Lending Product
  • Retail Additional Yield Upside
  • Lite inCredbull Earn
  • Additional EVM Chain Deployment
  • Full launch of inCredbull Earn
  • Credbull Fixed Yield Product 2 with Liquidity Features

Our Team

The Credbull team brings decades of experience in asset management, structured lending, private credit, product development, DeFi and platform security.

Jason Dehni

Cofounder & Group CEO

25+ years in international banking, SME lending, asset management, insurance, risk and crypto

Christophe de Courson


15+ Years in venture capital, co-founder of multiple startups in Web3 and Web2 with multi-million user base

Ian Lucas

Chief Technology Officer

20+ years as Chief Engineer & IT Director at leading Web3 and Web2 financial organizations

Tavia Wong

Chief Marketing & Partnership Officer

12+ years as Chief Executives in B2B SaaS, blockchain, marketing, DeFi, partnerships and crypto

Pedro Viegas

Chief Product Officer

15+ years in software engineering and product development, co-founder of a development agency

Ishani Kaur

Director of Risk Management

Seasoned Risk Executive in SME lending, trade finance, offshore entities and capital allocation

Krishna Kumar

Software Engineer

Seasoned blockchain, software and product development engineer at a leading L2 chain

Marcello Mari

Strategic Advisor

Founder & CEO of SingularityDAO, angel investor and a leading marketing executive


“We're meeting a growing demand for uncorrelated high fixed yields. Incorporating Credbull Pro has broadened our services, catering to sophisticated clients seeking diversified and balanced DeFi portfolios”. Crypto Custodian
“It’s refreshing to have access to private credit lending previously only for the institutions. Bringing private credit on-chain in a licensed way, gives lenders protections and comfort.” Institutional platform partner
“Passive treasury management system. It’s simple, safe, with a reliable product providing amongst the highest fixed yield in crypto”. Project treasury

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